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Friday, February 17, 2006

NEW BLOG: Red Pill News

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I will continue to post my take on the matrix of manipulation on this blog, although it will not be updated as often as Red Pill News.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

True Lies

Excellent spoken word piece from poet Taalam Acey on the real 'State of The Union'.


Monday, February 06, 2006

The Hidden Agenda

'If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.' - George Orwell

OK. This is basically the bottom line. The Matrix is an instrument of an elite secret society network, known as the Illuminati. The overall plan is to bring about the New World Order (NWO) and ultimately, to enslave the whole of humanity and control the globe. Sounds far fetched, eh? Well it would do, because that is one of the reasons they get away with it.

So You Think You're Free?

Think about it this way: what is the best way to enslave a population? Answer: let them think they are free. The 'prison without bars' as David Icke calls it, sums this up perfectly. Those of you that are now rolling your eyes and thinking 'Oh here we go! A disciple of David Icke', have probably never heard him speak or read any of his books. Where David Icke is concerned, there are two types of people: 1) Those who get their opinions of him from what they've seen or read in the mainstream media and 2) those who know his work. People in the latter category, generally come to the conclusion that he is an extremely intelligent and brilliant man. Anyway, there is a point to all this, and it basically demonstrates the way this control and manipulation works. A huge majority of the opinions that people have, are not their own thoughts. Most people do not make up their own minds about the information they receive based on research, they merely repeat what they've heard elsewhere. I'm not saying we should all be going to a library to check out every erroneous fact we hear, or arrange interviews with the individuals concerned. Just a bit of an objective look at information is sometimes enough, because then we are forced to think about what we've heard. I will use the example I mentioned in my first post of 'Bin Laden did it'. A lot of peoples' instant reaction was probably something along the lines of: '...those damn ragheads!', as opposed to thinking '..hold on - how do they know that already?!? It only happened a few hours ago!'.

It was easier for people to just instantly accept this, because of the shock and horror they were feeling. The objective side of human nature is suppressed by fear. This 'story' was then just subjected to the repetition principle and very quickly, accepted as fact, with absolutely no proof whatsoever. This was intentional and the reason why the 'culprits' were named so soon. I will go into detail in subsequent posts about the actual ways and means of the Illuminati's agenda, as well as the reasons behind it.

How Many Fingers?! How Many Pies?!

So how is this possible? How can a few control the many? Seems impossible, but the answer is relatively simple - money. The individuals responsible are extremely wealthy. Alarmingly so. Astronomical levels of wealth give an enormous amount of power to influence, coerce and corrupt various bodies. The elitists who make up the Illuminati have control over every institution that regulates the way society works, and therefore the way we live. These include those concerned with Government & politics; the global economy and monetary systems; consumerism; advertising; global trade; religion; healthcare; the pharmaceutical industry; the military; the intelligence community; education; the legal system; law enforcement; mainstream media (including radio, television, the press, Hollywood, the music industry & the publishing industry); agriculture and the food we eat; scientific and technological development and the bodies that govern the corporate world. This list is by no means complete, but to date includes all areas I have come across compelling evidence for.

You may be thinking 'Absolutely impossible!' I know. You need to suspend your disbelief for a second. To make things easier, let's just think of the following concepts as hypothetical. Obviously, it would take far too long to back up these claims here, and it is beyond the scope of this post. The idea is to show how it is relatively easy for a few to control the world. I will go into detail about each of these issues in further posts, as my blog develops.

That's On A Need To Know, Soldier!!

The obvious question is, how can there be a global conspiracy which would involve countless numbers of ordinary people? Someone would blow the whistle! Well the answer again, is relatively simple. Look at any organization in the world today. The structure can be represented by a pyramid. Imagine a pyramid as representing the people that make up a company, for example. You have a very solid base of people at the lowest level - the worker bees. The foundation on which the organization is built. Above them are their managers, who are the next layer of the pyramid and then their managers are above them, and so on. As you go further up the management structure you have less and less people, with more and more of the power. Now, on every level of the pyramid, people only have knowledge relating to their particular role in the organisation, and are ignorant of the motivations of the people above them. This is symbolised within the military and intelligence communities when they say information is on a 'Need To Know' basis. A symbol of the Illumninati is a pyramid with its capstone separated from the rest of it. Within this capstone is the 'All-Seeing Eye'. This represents them, the Illuminati - The Illuminated Ones - presiding over the rest of us with their secret knowledge. This symbol is actually on the USA's Great Seal and can be seen on their dollar bill.

The US dollar bill is actually covered in Illuminati symbolism. This is another area I will be talking about in upcoming posts.

OK. So....This compartmentalisation of knowledge means that the work-force carry out the actions of the bosses, and the reasons why they are doing what they are doing is diluted and eventually lost. An example of this comes from someone I know. He was on a mathematics teacher-training programme which involved teaching at a high school, for a period of some months. Now, I remember when I was at school, being frustrated and thinking: 'What is the point of me learning this? I am never gonna need to know this when I leave school. Well, while covering the area of compound interest, this person decided it would be a good idea to teach the children about bank loans, using real world examples. Anyway, after the class, his mentor asked him into her office and he was politely reprimanded. When told he was not allowed to use real world examples where money was concerned, he began to ask why? It seemed a little ridiculous - who made the decisions about what could not be taught, and why? He was told this was a decision taken by the Headmaster, who in turn answered to the school governors. His mentor was a little hazy as to the reasons why these things were not taught. A source of much anxiety for teachers are the inspections by Ofsted, the government watchdog, who visit schools periodically, to keep them in line. The reason we, (generally the working classes), are not taught about money, or money management in school is because, debt = control. If we are in debt, we have a limited choice over the paths our lives take. I will elaborate on this subject later.

The point is, people do what their bosses tell them, because of the threat of losing their jobs, which would mean not being able to pay debts. Most do not question the reasons behind things - they just 'follow orders'. So this structure, of the smallest section of people with the most extensive knowledge and full control of the organisation sit atop the pyramid. Below them, as the numbers of people increase, the levels of knowledge and control decrease. This can be applied to almost any industry you can think of. Now, if you imagine that these various pyramid structures of different organisations and sectors of society are ultimately interlocked with each other, you can see how the whole manipulation of a large population by a small number of people is not only possible, but given the right motivation is easy. The people at the top of these connected pyramid structures are the Illuminati.

The Illuminati dictate the policy of the entire pyramid, while the workers lower down, have no knowledge of what the real agenda is.

Secret societies themselves, are also structured in this way. It's members of the lower orders do not know what they are involved in or why certain decisions are made by the higher-ups. So not all members of secret societies are evil megalomaniacs. In fact, most aren't. They are unaware of the sinister motivation for the plans they are enacting. This manipulation is not something new - the Illuminati have not infiltrated these institutions and corrupted them. They were instrumental in the creation of many of these institutions in the first place. Through the network of such secret societies as the Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Knights Templar, etc, people have been placed in key positions to make the Illuminati's agenda a reality.

This may all sound very depressing, and if these things are true, it can seem as if we are powerless against such a force. This is absolutely not the case. The Illuminati can easily be overcome by exploiting their biggest strength, which is also their biggest weakness - their small numbers.

We as individuals can make a difference. In the words of Hasan Salaam - 'Each one, teach one, and we're bound to reach them all'


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Red Pill Poll

I have added a poll to the bottom of the main page. This will cover various issues and will change from time to time.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

20 reasons to question the official story of 9/11

The official 9/11 commission whitewash .... er, I mean, 'report'

Sunday, January 22, 2006

OK. Let's do this.....

If you haven't already gathered, this is not another homage to the awesome movie that is The Matrix. As it says in the blurb on the right hand side, the Matrix I am referring to is the complex control system we are all subjected to in our daily lives. It permeates all areas of our society to a staggering degree.

Ever since the events of 9/11/2001, I have been questioning what we are told by the mainstream media and have constantly been researching the deception that exists within our society. I myself was oblivious to it and had no real interest in politics as is probably the case for a large proportion of people my age. From that very day, I realised something was rotten in Denmark – they immediately blamed Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. I wondered how they could possibly know that already. I told my work colleagues of my doubts, and was greeted with funny looks. So many things to date do not make any sense, and the whole ‘official’ 9/11 story is full of more holes than a Swiss cheese dairy. Once I started looking, I was lead, just by following information, to a whole host of various areas.

Stupidly, I have not, until now been documenting my discoveries and have been merely absorbing the information. I have now got to a point where I feel there needs to be 2-way traffic. Hence the creation of this blog. Therefore, I am unsure at this moment of the format this blog will take. I will update it regularly with my latest discoveries, but seeing as I have over 4 years of almost daily research to share, I will also be adding retrospective information to round things out and provide the background.

This blog is an attempt to put information out there and hopefully spark discussions to allow us to illuminate ourselves regarding the conspiracy that has kept humanity in shackles for at least the last 2 thousand years! Whoa! - I know this all sounds a little 'out there', but this stuff is all documented and it requires us to forget everything we thought to be true:

'Truth only reveals itself when one gives up all preconceived ideas.' - Shoseki

This is all I have time to write at the moment, but I will be back with my first instalment as soon as possible. All I am offering is information and I know many people will find some things hard to believe. I am not asking people to accept everything they find here, but instead, find answers for themselves and make up their own minds. The amount of information out there is vast from countless numbers of people the world over, who are of a like mind. I don't want it to appear as if I feel I have all the answers. I obviously don't - that is an impossible task. I hope for this to be an information exchange, so I can also educate myself further.

Knowledge is power, and we desperately need our power back. People are beginning to wake up in increasing numbers and the more people we can 'unplug', the faster this whole 'Matrix' can come crashing down.